Roopa Bhopale

All hands on pitch deck

Roopa Bhopale
All hands on pitch deck

Welcome to starting your own business.

I'd like to meet your new best friend. You'll be spending a lot of time with her so I think it's best to get to know her intimately. 

Please do judge her by her cover.

Brian Daniel's new financial consulting business approach for nonprofits is modeled after quick start guides that help you set up devices with minimal time spent reading. With a last minute scheduling of a huge client pitch pressing the accelerator on the timeline, Brian's company itself needed a quick start guide to branding.

I worked with Brian and teammate Maria to brand Clear Sight Advisors through via a presentation brochure. When Brian got to me, he had a logo absolutely no print or digital assets. As the first piece of marketing collateral for Clear Sight Advisors, my design strategy focused on what set Brian, and subsequently the company, apart from the sea of financial professionals in New York City. With a really big client meeting confirmed for the following week, I conducted a quick but deep discovery into the non-profit industry and the needs of its executive members. 

The essence of Clear Sight Advisors is to help non-profit CEOs and managers keep from drowning in financial data that they don't understand and in turn make uninformed and harmful decisions.

Instead, Clear Sight Advisors focuses on making numbers less scary, more captivating, and clearly relevant to non-financial, non-profit leaders. So the visual identity of this brochure is clean, clear, and vibrant. The blue and yellow tones balance the serenity of cool colors with the vibrancy of warm tones.

Brian couldn't find quite the right textbook for his graduate level course being taught at Baruch so he decided to write it himself.

As a companion text to this course, Finance for Non-profits, as well as a smart self-marketing tool, I wanted to create a book cover design that appealed to both fresh-eyed graduate students as well as skeptical, discerning, seasoned non-profit executives.


Brian gave me a copy of the book which I read quickly on two Brooklyn to Queens commutes. I created a painting which represents in color bands the four different sections of the book that picks up on Clear Sight Advisors brand colors, typography, and line accents.

After our quick start branding project I continued my relationship with Brian, consulting the consultant on all things from marketing strategy to social media graphics, event design and more.