Read. Play. Love

Awards:  2016 Platinum MarCom Awards - PSA Campaigns, 2016 Gold MarCom Award - Integrated Campaigns.

Recent studies from Harvard Educational Review show children are ready to learn earlier than we thought, children learn best through play, and a loving parent/caregiver is child’s first and best teacher.

The “Read. Play. Love.” campaign targets parents and caregivers of children under 5 primarily in the most remote administrative regions of the nation. While a national initiative, particular focus and attention was placed on the Amerindian communities in the Hinterland and Riverine regions.

The Ministry of Education, Guyana seeks to raise the literacy rates in the Hinterland and Riverine regions to be in-line with the national average of 88.5%. While Guyana’s literacy rate hovers above the global average of 86% as reported by UNESCO, it is lagging significantly behind its caribbean neighbors whom have achieved close to 99% national literacy.

In collaboration with Rahul Siddharth, Aruna Naimji, and Leo Lemos, I worked with SCG Creative to develop the “Read. Play. Love.” Campaign to improve literacy outcomes by encouraging parents and caregivers of children under 5 to start modelling pro-educational behaviors for their children at home. 

We created, developed and designed the campaign name, branding, strategy, learning brochures, large display posters, radio spots, educational videos and microsite.

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